If Yan can do it, you can, too!

I don't normally blog about myself or with just words, but today I'm breaking my own rules.  I just had the most lovely, fun, inspiring and mentally challenging (All good things!  mentally making me think HARD!) mentoring session with Diana.  You can call her Yan, of Yan Photography.  We did the normal things like going over my portfolio, delving into what makes me a photographer, my strengths and weaknesses, but more than that, I have gained a new friend.  A mentor who I can call and say, hey, what do you think?  And she'll tell me how it is.  I NEEDED that.  I needed someone to tell me these things because I don't know how to ask them of myself.  Sometimes I am too close to my work and I don't push myself.  I'm working on that and this year is the year of making myself go further.  Of honing my skills and finding my voice.  I already have a pretty strong voice as some of you know, but when it comes to photography, I need to show the world that I really can sing.  I want my photographs to jump off the page and wrap their arms around you.  I want you to feel the warmth that is Sera Petras Photography and in turn you will help me see the light.  We can play and sing and dance all night, but when it comes down to it, I want to capture what is real and true about my sessions.  I look forward to seeing what I am capable of this year and for many years to come.  So, many, many warm thanks to Yan for listening and helping show me the way to finding my light.