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When you would like to see mini holiday sessions offered? I felt that the November sessions were a little cold and I am leaning towards offering sessions in Sept and Oct. or earlier in Nov.
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Vote for your preferred date!
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The tree farm was a great spot for last year. Would you want a new location this year or would you prefer to shoot at the tree farm again? I am also open to suggestions! See the suggestions area below.
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I have toyed with the idea of two sets of pricing. What are your thoughts? I currently offer $300 for 30 min and 10 final files with the option to purchase all the files for $50. See some other ideas below. (sales tax not included in final price)
Please feel free to leave constructive comments here that you feel could help make the mini sessions even better! My whole goal of the mini sessions is to offer fun, easy sessions that give you photos that you can use for holiday cards or family heirlooms! I felt that last years sessions were a huge success and I want to continue on this path! Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide.
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Are you planning to have another session with Sera Petras Photography this year?